An easy-to-install, plug-and-play module for the SonicHub® marine audio server, UNI-Dock supports the widest array of smart phones, media players and USB devices on the market, including Apple products, select Android devices and more. The SonicHub® marine audio server provides a direct link thru the Simrad NSS, NSE and NSO to your music collection on compatible smart phones, mobile media devices and USB drives, without a stereo head unit. You can also catch the latest weather, news, or listen to your favorite radio show with the built-in AM/FM tuner (antenna sold separately).

Features :
Compatible with SonicHub® marine audio server, UNI-Dock adds support for today’s top-selling Apple* devices. Safely charges and protects valuable mobile devices within its watertight enclosure. Includes three connection cables – Micro USB, Apple 30-Pin and Apple Lightning Improved stainless-steel locking mechanism which is easier to use and stronger than previous docking solutions to keep smartphones and media players safer for longer. Generous tray size is designed to house a variety of mobile-device sizes. When bulkhead-mounted, UNI-Dock complies with IPx5 water resistant standards. UNI-Dock comes with a 6-foot USB cable for connection to SonicHub.*A software update is required for SonicHub® to ensure best performance with the iPhone 5